The 2nd International Academic Conference on Social Sciences (IACSS 2015)

The 2nd International Academic Conference on Social Sciences (IACSS 2015) will be held during December 16-18, 2015 in Hong Kong.The IACSS is an interdisciplinary international conference that invites academics and independent scholars, researchers to meet and exchange innovate ideas, research findings and discuss the latest issues concerning Social Sciences fields.

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Keynote Speech 2015

David C. Donald


Faculty of Law

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Topic: “The Common Law as Feedback Loop in Society”

The common law takes its shape as something enforceable when a court issues an opinion on a dispute that people in the community have brought to it. The contents of this ‘case law’ will come from the society that asked for the rule. The rule is confected from many social ingredients: it will include a measure of what science holds to be true at the time of decision, a measure of morality, a measure of what the society understands as the role of the judge, and a measure of older cases, each of which also included the foregoing ingredients. As such, common law is in a feedback loop within society – it takes what society itself offers, condenses it into a declaration regarding a given dispute, and gives it back to the society for public judgment, becoming part of the social milieu available for further judgements. This means that there is no aspect of the social sciences that is irrelevant for common law. This feedback loop eventually mirrors the sum of truth reached by all disciplines in its home society. It is this sum that the society agrees can be used to bind and order each of its members.

Brief Biography
David C. Donald is a Professor in the Law Faculty of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. David previously taught at the Institute for Law and Finance of the University of Frankfurt, Germany and worked for a decade as a commercial lawyer in the US, Italy and Germany. Before studying law, David completed a PhD in comparative literature with a focus on German philosophy.
His publications include A Financial Centre for Two Empires: Hong Kong’s Corporate, Securities and Tax Laws in its Transition from Britain to China (Cambridge University Press, 2014), The Hong Kong Stock and Futures Exchanges – Law and Microstructure (Thomson, Sweet & Maxwell 2012), and (with Andreas Cahn) Comparative Company Law: Text and Cases (Cambridge University Press 2010). He teaches company law, securities law and the origin and development of the common law.
He is participating with scholars from other universities on a Hong Kong Research Grants Council funded project, “Enhancing the Future of Hong Kong as a Leading International Financial Centre.” David currently serves on Hong Kong’s Standing Committee for Company Law Reform, its financial Policy Research Committee, and the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries Academic Advisory Panel.

Honorable Chairperson:

Yong-Won Seo
Operations Management & Management Science
Chung-Ang University Business School (CBS),
Seoul, Korea.
Dr. Yong-Won SEO is currently an Associate Professor of Operations Management & Management Science in Chung-Ang University Business School (CBS), located in Seoul, Korea. He received his B.S., M.S, and Ph.D. in Seoul National University. His major research areas include the Supply Chain Management and the Service Operations Management, with the analytical and the experimental methods. He is a board member of Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society(KORMS), Korean Production & Operations Management Society(KOPOMS), and Korean Society of Supply Chain Management(KSCM). In addition to the academic researches, he has been executing consulting projects on the public informatization policies and guidelines to the government and public agencies including Ministry of Security and Public Administration(MOSPA), Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning(MSIP), National Information Society Agency(NIA).

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