Oral Presentation

Preparation for Oral Presentations

All presentation rooms are equipped with a screen, an LCD projector, and a laptop computer installed with Microsoft PowerPoint. You will be able to insert your USB flash drive into the computer and double check your file in PowerPoint. We recommend you to bring two copies of the file in case that one fails. You may also link your own laptop to the provided projector; however please ensure you have the requisite connector.

The time for the presentation (90 min/ Session)

Number of Presentation Presentation Time
3 15-25 min. each (+ 5 min. Q&A)
4 15-18 min. each (+ 4 min. Q&A)
5 15 min. each (+ 3 min. Q&A)
6 12 min. each (+ 3 min. Q&A)

11 min. each (+ 2 min. Q&A)

To avoid the temptation to dress up your slides with unnecessary clutter and focus instead on simple design basics:

Show no more than 1 slide per minute of speaking time, which means approximately 13 slides.
Choose photos and drawings that are clear and in good resolution.
Make the letters on your slides BIG ENOUGH. Suggested minimum font is 14.
Avoid lengthy tabulations of numerical data and limit equations to those for which the terms can                   be  properly defined.
Your audience needs time to interpret the data that you present. While you are very familiar with the
data displayed, the audience is not.
In addition to the body of the talk, present an introduction and a summary or conclusion.
Include only information or data that can be properly explained in the allotted time.
Simplicity and Legibility are keys to Effective Oral Presentations.

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